Game development studio

We are developing PC & Mobile games

Play to earn games of the finest quality, all of which were created by highly experienced and accomplished developers. We place significant emphasis on the game’s design as well as overall user experience.

MM & Liquidity

Efficient digital asset market making

Leverage our liquidity and algorithms to generate organic trading volumes, regulate volatility, and maintain low spreads for your tokens. Benefit from customized trading strategies that effectively influence the market for your project.

VC & Incubation

We are investing & incubating WEB3 project

Leveraging our vast network and experience, we provide comprehensive support from the start of your journey. By conducting due diligence, refining pitch materials, fundraising strategy, and project details, our team will execute a successful launch in front of numerous venture capitalists.

Advisory / Marketing / Tokenomics

We are advising, marketing and developing tokenomics